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Quickbooks fails to Save the Day

I am rapidly falling out of love with Quickbooks Online. A business managed to convince themselves that they were doing fine. Then suddenly they are insolvent. The context is this: 1 Using a remote bookkeeper the client sets up a QB online account. 2 They invoice their sales off to their clients. 3 They import[...] Read more »

HMRC Screws up No. 6

Pool car system. The HMRC is very keen to make sure that your pool car doesn’t get used for any private mileage.  Any private mileage whatsoever.  One of their key requirement to leave the car over night at the business premises.  In most cases this will mean leaving the vehicle in a commercial yard which[...] Read more »

HMRC Screws Up No 5

Entering a VAT return online The latest version of the VAT return is amusing. It very carefully doesn’t tell you how much VAT you have to pay until after you have submitted the VAT return. Box 5 shows as ‘calculated value’ until you have agreed to pay it.  They offer you the option to save[...] Read more »

HMRC Screws Up 4 (PAYE Codes)

HMRC Codes are awkward and confusing for any matters other than corporation tax. Take the relationship for employing people for example. Now we all hope that new businesses will start up and employ people don’t we? So you would think that over the years the HMRC would have progressively made it easier and easier to[...] Read more »

HMRC Screws Up 3: unsure of the name of their own Corporation Tax reference

Now here is a typical issue where the HMRC is more confusing than it has a duty to be. I’m completing a form to allow a company to reclaim the tax paid on a loan that it has paid to its director which has since been repaid. The First question sounds so easy. What is[...] Read more »

HMRC Screws Up 02

Another encounter with the HMRC’s intelligent forms.  This one is the immense CIS305 form available on https://public-online.hmrc.gov.uk/lc/content/xfaforms/profiles/forms.html?contentRoot=repository:///Applications/PersonalTax_iForms/1.0/CIS305&template=CIS305.xdp This form is immense.  Lots of complex questions.  Lots of varying details required from all a clients many records over a variety of taxes.  It takes an age to fill out  Then it crashes.  It is impossible to[...] Read more »

HMRC screw ups 01

The VAT Flat Rate Scheme application form is hilarious. The form is one of the stupid ‘intelligent’ pdfs that the HMRC force accountants to complete nowadays. The online form asks you the questions on the screen and you type them in. You then print the form out, with your answers to the questions typed in[...] Read more »

Fifty Clients

So we’ve had a busy few months as we have set up a series of clients. It hasn’t finished. Six new Accountedge datafiles still to create for new users across the country. Some are start-ups. Some have come because they want free upgrades from Sage and Quickbooks or from prior versions of MYOB. Others have[...] Read more »

New client – cheaper deal

We’ve just picked up a client from a local set of chartered certified accountants. They were paying £192pm for a relatively simple set of affairs. No software. No local face to face briefing. No guidance about tax planning. And the client wants to do their own books so that they have some control. Most of[...] Read more »

Training in MYOB & Acclivity

So another training course done. That was fun. A full day at Denham Grove talking about Acclivity AccountEdge. We had ten delegates with significantly differing experiences of the program doing a variety of exercises. We learned about published accounts, imported large numbers of transactions, practiced entering simple expenses, You tube guidance on AE, learned about[...] Read more »