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Simple Accounting offers a Business Companion Service

Let us take away the burden

Being your Business Companion

Simple Accounting Ltd would like to become your Business Companion.  We take responsibility for all your returns and deadlines for you.  This is a much fuller service than you are likely to receive from other accountants.

We include Software, Year end Accounts, VAT returns, Payroll, Business Advice, Business Sale and Company Secretarial work. You use as much or as little of the service as you need.  We will use the rest of the time you pay for to help you to plan or market your business, train you in your software, save tax or ease your administration. 


Our service is also much more 'hands on'. We keep all the records through one system - yours.  We provide you with basic, single user software for free.  You can make your choice from our recommended range.  We offer Solar Accounts, Acclivity AccountEdge (for PCs); For Mac users we offer Acclivity AccountEdge

This means, although we pay, you own the software. You are registered for this software - you therefore remain free to change accountant if you are unhappy with our service. We do expect a minimum of a two year contract. More expensive products such as Multi User AccountEdge are available to larger firms which would require this sort of heavyweight software. Again we pay small upgrade, renewal, conversion fees. We will also work with other software such as Quickbooks(online or desktop) or clean books. But we ask you to pay for this software.

Business Advice

We know your software and system.  We learn your business processes.  We are therefore particularly well-placed to advise you.  Business support is included within our comprehensive service and all-inclusive fee.

Our experienced team can help you with all aspects of running your business.  This includes tax planning and advice, payroll, human resources and financial planning. We can help with credit applications and shares, pensions and investment decisions to allow your business to grow. 

At Simple Accounting we don't just look after the compliance issues related to the business itself. We also work to help you develop your business so that it will achieve your financial goals. We can help whether you are an individual with complex financial affairs or a business owner who wants advice about the best way of managing your business administration.

Sale of firm

Eventually you will need to sell your firm.  One of our main roles is preparing your firm for this time.  We protect your business in the event that you have to sell suddenly. We help you adverstise your firm.  We help you negotiate a good price.  We plan the tax payable.  We compose the records, which will be the basis of your buyer's 'Due Dilligence' records.  We take the strain away.
Selling your business

Personal tax

  • You advise us of all subsidiary income.
  • We will then submit online SA100 Directors Self Assessment Tax Personal Returns for your Directors-Shareholders.
  • If we feel it is appropriate we will make recommendations on Tax Credits.
  • If you involve us in a claim we will liaise with the HMRC on your behalf.

Company Secretarial

  • We complete and submit your Statutory Company Accounts for Companies House.
  • We will send you Companies documents like share certificates.
  •  If you wish we will compose Annual Returns, Director Appointments etc.

VAT Returns

VAT is a tax which often gets overlooked. We are unusual in that we plan to save money and cashflow with the VAT payments you have to make. VAT is not an optional extra for us. As part of our service we will help you compose your VAT returns. We usually show you how to prepare your own VAT returns to minimise the net payment to the HMRC.  We review your returns at least annually and help you.

VAT Planning

We will make sure you can:

  • recover the maximum amounts of VAT on your purchases (including the indirect costs)
  • complete your own VAT return declarations for importing and exporting
  • set up annual accounting which significantly reduces the administration problems and prevent you getting surcharged for late submission.  We can help you save VAT cashflow especially in fast-growing companies.
  • set up partial exemption for VAT where appropriate
  • plan VAT for educational and charitable organisations
  • we will often set up the cash accounting scheme which can save many thousands of pounds in cashflow
  • decide if you want to join the VAT flat rate scheme by testing the rate
  • complete your EU Intrastat and EU sales list, if required.


We usually we arrange for your payroll to be outsourced.  We bear the cost for this.  Monthly or weekly payslips are calculated from data you supply.
  • Year end returns P35/P60s, P11Ds and C15 returns are included within the fee.
  • We show you how to make the monthly summary entries into your accounts file. You make the actual payments to your employees, based on the returns you get from the payroll service. The outsourced payroll fee is included in your monthly payment.
  • We may negotiate a PAYE Settlement Agreement to allow you to pay benefits to staff without messing up their own tax affairs.

Business Tax / Corporation Tax

  • We email your business tax calculations to you. 
  • If those are acceptable we submit your CT600 Annual Corporation Tax and supporting calculations and notes in line with your datafile. We advise you what to pay and when. 
  • We hold copies of all documents for you, and you can download these whenever they are prepared.

Year End Accounts

  • You use the book-keeping and accounting software we recommend such as Acclivity AccountEdge. You complete the datafile and transfer a copy to us. We will also work with Online software such as Quickbooks online, Wave or Clearbooks.
  • An Accountant will deal with your file and email any queries to you. We may amend your datafile to reflect any errors we have discovered.  
  • We then come on site to complete accruals, check reconciliations, compose the year-end file and see what tax planning opportunities can be exploited.
  • We can help you to compose a year-end file of all your reconciliations.
  • We then arrange for the preparation of your final accounts and tax compliance papers.

Sale of firm

Eventually you will need to sell your firm.  One of our main roles is preparing your firm for this time.  We protect your business in the event that you have to sell suddenly. We help you adverstise your firm.  We help you negotiate a good price.  We plan the tax payable.  We compose the records, which will be the basis of your buyer's 'Due Dilligence' records.  We take the strain away.
Selling your business

Best Value

Simple Accounting Ltd is able to work more cost effectively because you are doing much of the basic bookkeeping work on software that we supply or recommend.  We also embody all our fees in one fixed price service - the Business Companion.  It allows all the services for one fixed price - we don't charge extras for each little bit of support we may offer you.

With SAL you could get a discount of up to £600pa if the company prepares excellent books.  We would include licences for the company's choice of financial software including the phone helpline and upgrades.  We include a mass of extra work such as management accounts, tax planning and business advice for free.

Unlike many of the other services there are no extras for Company Formations or Annual Returns, or other odds and ends. Unlike most accountancy services we also come to visit you!

The array of services we offer is much broader and yet rather cheaper.  We make you work efficiently so we can do our job more cost effectively.  Simple Accounting - even the fee is simple!

A typical example is a new client that recently moved to us. They were charged £120 plus vat for SJD Accountancy for an offsite service based on a spreadsheet.

Our Current rate for them is £93 plus vat for Simple Accounting Ltd for an onsite service with decent software. Onsite service.

Consultancy and Development

Many clients use us for consultancy or training but retain existing external accountants. We are happy to respect your existing arrangements if that suits you. We are therefore happy to work on a per day or per hour rate. However with this choice you are responsible for meeting the deadlines - not us!  

See our Consultancy and Development page for more details.

SAL is one of the cheapest accountancy services mentioned on www.ITContracting.com

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