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Our Clients

Our clients tend to be small and medium sized businesses who are using MYOB and Acclivity. They include manufacturing companies, service industry, internet shops, design companies, health services and many more. Below are comments from some of the clients we have supported over the past 18 years.

'We, as a company, have been using Simple Accounting for approximately three years now. Over those years we have built up a good relationship with Mark Hill.

Mark started teaching our bookkeeper the AccountEdge program. During this time we could see the benefit Mark gave our business and took the opportunity to move Accountancy firms. Mark has added value to our previous service by offering more of a Financial Director's role in our company: helping us understand the numbers and project quality forecasting for our business growth.

As a company Simple Accounting, we have found, are always at the end of the phone/email to offer that guidance and support every business owner needs. We would strongly recommend them.

Valet Pro Ltd, Newhaven

'I look back on the days before working with Simple Accounting with a shudder. We had a straightforward relationship with another Accountancy firm who did all the necessary paperwork for our annual accounting. But with so much to deal with as a small business owner there was always other areas (PAYE, VAT) that I desperately needed help with - for someone to listen to my particular situation and offer advice based on that. Now we have that.

Since we have worked with them the Simple Accounting Team have become an absolutely essential part of my business without whose knowledge, support and advice I would have a far more stressful time. I cannot praise them highly enough for their commitment to really working for their clients and getting to know each business in order to offer the very best solutions.'

Woodwork Music, Manchester

'Mark has been our accountant for approximately five years offering support with both our ltd and personal accounts. He is in regular contact and on hand to offer advice and support, with a good understanding of our business needs and how we operate. We feel that Mark and his team offer a service over and above that of other accountants that we have worked with.'

Douch Partners Ltd

'We use Simple Accounting for a number of reasons, one being that unlike most accountants Mark  provides regular valuable financial advice relating to our businesses throughout  the year. He encourages us to look ahead on how we see our businesses performing in the future. This help is enhanced by his regular visits to our offices to oversee our accounts and monitor the progress of the businesses which ultimately means our year end  accounts are in good shape and not a surprise. Mark also provides limitless email and phone support for users of the MYOB accounting software, and it was the search for that support that introduced us to Mark in the first place.'

Bowden 2 ltd, East Sussex

'Before we encountered Mark Hill and Simple Accounting Limited we were using an ordinary accountant who did not understand us, our business or our accounting package. As a result our accounting costs were unrealistically high for a business of our size, and the help we had from our accountant at the time was negligible and of little benefit to us.

Mark was able to come into our business and provide business insight and useful help and assistance and we regard him/Simple Accounting as one of our team.'

Red Control Sytems (Otley) Ltd (Bradford)

'We are both very grateful for your help and advice over the years as the business grew and for your invaluable input during the acquisition by Grafton. The professional way in which the accounts were maintained and presented helped enormously during the ''Due Diligence'' process. Everyone here has been extremely happy using MYOB.'

Secon Solar Ltd, Sunderland

'I like Mark. Now that may not seem much of an endorsement as I know precious little about accounts. I like a particular brain surgeon but would I let him poke about inside my head is what your thinking?

But the fact is I do not like accounts. It is boring to me. All I need to know is a) how to legally pay the minimum tax possible, b) how to make sure my accounts are in order so both I and anyone else can take a gander and verify results and c) use them for what they are really intended to do which is as measuring stick to see how and where the company is or is not making money and to steer it to where the money is.

Because of my lack of interest left to my own devices all of these aspects would slide. Mark makes sure they don't and I trust him to work in my best interests - which he does. (That's what I pay him for but often professionals actually work first for their own interest then the clients.)

Try trusting someone you don't actually like. OK It was a trick binary question. But you get my point.

So if you find you like Mark Hill then I would recommend him. And if you don't there are plenty more anonymous accountants out there, I know I get a call about once a fortnight.'

Making Plans, Horsforth

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