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Acclivity AccountEdge


Powerful upgrade for UK MYOB users


Acclivity AccountEdge software is the former market-leading UK business management software, MYOB, upgraded, comprehensive and with a principled licencing policy.

Acclivity took over MYOB in the US in a management buyout. They develop the same range of software (for Mac and PC) under the brand name, AccountEdge. There are US and Canadian versions - we prefer the Canadian version as it adapts more easily for the UK and EU VAT requirements. The interface looks great, but it does operate slightly differently than MYOB - it is upgraded, with some new features. PC users with stock control issues may find Acclivity particularly appropriate. Acclivity is now owned by Priority software.

Due to licencing constraints you have to buy AccountEdge for the PC from Acclivity in the US rather than from a UK distributor.

Free Conversion and Software for Business Companion Clients

We have always concentrated on support for MYOB users. MYOB remains excellent software… despite the poor marketing. But now UK users can now transfer to a version of the software that will work indefinitely and is up-to-date with latest operating systems. We can perform this conversion from your existing MYOB datafile.

We are really pleased to be able to offer this conversion. We will therefore make the conversion, for free, for any new client engaging us as a 'Business Companion' for a minimum of two years.

This now means that any past MYOB User can use the software they love in an up-to-date format. We pay for your first single licence (you pay for any further licences you need - typically US $899 for five further licences). And we perform the upgrade for free. We amend in the new defaults and parameters that the Acclivity software requires to be compliant in the UK.

Training in Acclivity AccountEdge

From time to time we run training courses using Acclivity Accountedge. For more details see our Training Page.Alternatively we can provide specific training for your needs at your site.

Advantages of Acclivity

New features of Acclivity AccountEdge

  • It allows masses of multi users on PC. We have seen up to eleven simultaneous users!
  • It will allow import of transactions from bank statements.
  • If you buy Acclivity AccountEdge its serial number will last forever. The serial number is applied against the computer number, not the computer's IP address. That computer can be used in any location after it has been registered. No internet connection is required.
  • It will install on the latest PC operating systems and interface with the latest MS Office products.
  • There is no reconfirmation process. You are not mortgaged to any particular support arrangements. If you take support from anyone it will be because you need it, rather than because they are forcing you to rent your software.
  • VAT, Intrastat, EC sales list can all be supported. The VAT programing is more logical and compliant than in Mamut AE or MYOB.
  • Bank reconciliation is substantially easier through the Bank Register function.
  • Stock control is very straightforward and has the full functionality developed (including locations, kits, product variation, serial numbers, commitment management and stock reconciliation).
  • The software links to an iPhone based AccountEdge mobile system which allows remote access. The iPhone can be useful for (for example) the posting of sales invoices or staff expenses. This allows salesmen on the road to link in with client data.
  • It has ODBC compliance built in (read only)
  • Graphical reporting

Licencing Issues for New Users

Mamut/ Visma, the UK distributor of MYOB, do not currently distribute a PC variant of MYOB software as it would be a rival to their Mamut Enterprise PC range. Acclivity do not directly sell their software into the UK and Ireland as this would be in breach of the no compete agreement they have signed with Mamut.
Note that the licence is for the software, not the data. This will be a change for those who are used to MYOB's old licensing system. The serial number is bought from Acclivity. It is bought once only: It does not age or expire, it is not subject to any reconfirmations.
Each licence grants you use of the software for as many datafiles as you need on one computer. You can use multiple logins to have as many users on a datafile as you have paid licences for. The licence is based on the IP address of the network card of the PC you register. Therefore you should deregister the program if you need to change your PC's network card, and reregister it afterwards.

Buy Acclivity AccountEdge from Priority Software

The software currently costs US$349 (about £266 - no VAT is payable) for a single user licence. Multiuser versions are available. For example a further five licences are available for US$899 (about £684). There are no compulsory rental / support fees.

Although Acclivity is not available to buy directly in the UK, it can be bought from the United States. Once you have made your purchase Acclivity will email you a download of your software and your serial number to register it.

Buy from either the PC sales site or the Mac sales site. Alternatively ring Priority Software in the United States on 001 800 322 6962.

Test Drive Software

Download a copy of Acclivity AccountEdge 2021 (for PC) from our Test Drive Page


We have now successfully installed the Canadian version of Acclivity AccountEdge (PC) for eighty clients in the UK, Ireland and further abroad. We have even installed this software in Tanzania! We would be happy to help with your installation. Normally we convert existing MYOB datafiles to this most recent format. For members of our MYOB User Group we charge £150 for this (no VAT).

Alternatively we can provide a UK template datafile with most of the parameters that you would need for £200 + VAT. There is a full range of default suppliers and processes (which is important for the way that VAT is handled in Acclivity). The default coding depends on the choice of supplier and card name rather than nominal code. Therefore the correct VAT coding needs to be set carefully by supplier - we preset this within the template for you.

The software comes in two versions. One works on the Mac and requires OS X10.7 to 10.11. The PC version requires Vista or Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. MS Office for Mac or PC is a help, and it is better if this is installed before you install Acclivity AccountEdge.

AccountEdge (AE) software has now been rewritten for 64 bit PCs. This means that the latest 2021 AE Canada upgrade now operates faster on PC, particularly with reports in a multi user system.There is a also a new Mac version for Big Sur and Catalina (ie macOS 10.15 and higher).

To find out more

For more information try the following links, or give us a ring on 01422 847500 to discuss whether Acclivity would be a good option for your business.

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