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Mamut AccountEdge

AccountEdge has long been the best and most versatile business accounting package available for the Mac.
(Jeffery Battersby, Macworld)

Mamut AccountEdge/ AccountEge Plus is a direct upgrade for MYOB Accounting/ Accounting Plus users.


Mamut AccountEdge is designed to work on a Mac only: it is designed for small to medium-sized businesses of all types. It is quick to set up, simple to learn and straightforward to use. It is easy to implement at a basic level for start-up users. Advanced options are available as your experience grows and your business develops.

The software provides a complete Mac networked accounting and business management solution. It combines nominal ledger, multiple chequebooks, sales, purchasing, stock control, timebilling, payroll and card file functions into a fully integrated, double-entry accounting program.

The 2019 Mamut versions offers many improvements to the old MYOB Mac product. Highlights include: more customisation; departmental accounting; attachments; retainers; AccountEdge mobile; improved search functionality and the ability to access all the customer/supplier information you need within one single screen view. It will be fully MTD - compliant with direct filing of VAT returns if you want it.

The payroll software within Mamut AccountEdge is rather clunky.

For a synopsis of the software's features please have a look at: https://www.visma.co.uk/accountedge/

Test Drive Mamut AccountEdge

To try out the software's features download the testdrive.

Buy Mamut AccountEdge

If you buy Mamut AccountEdge through Visma you have to pay the cost of the software as well as the compulsory service charge.

Alternatively those clients on our Business Companion service can receive this program installed for free.

With regular payroll, timebilling, multiusers and advanced stock control the cost can be high. For example: a six user system costs £1300 plus £960 service charge annually excluding VAT. 

Mamut PC Products

You may notice that we are not recommending any of Mamut's PC products. You can see details of these products in our review. Overall we felt that they are just not very easy to use - and there are better options available for PC Users.

More Information

Mamut Accounting Plus Network Edition

Have a look at the services we offer to clients who are installing or upgrading. Please contact us if you would like us to help you with your conversion to Mamut AccountEdge.

Next Step:

Please contact us if you would like us to help you make the upgrade path.

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