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MYOB Alternatives

Why move from MYOB?

Mac Mavericks (the latest Mac OS 10.9) will not run a fresh installation of MYOB. Older versions of MYOB are tricky to install on Windows System 7 or 10.  Reconfirmation is a continuing pain to users of MYOB datafiles. But none of these issues are a problem with Acclivity software. Peace of mind is a good reason to move.

Simple Accounting's Review of Finance Software

Since 2009 Simple Accounting Ltd has maintained a permanent review of Accounting Software in the UK.  We are always on the look out for alternatives to MYOB, our previous favourite.

Our review criteria are objective and are mainly based on the points that were uniquely successful in MYOB.  The ease of use of MYOB came from certain design features that are simply not reproduced in other software.  These criteria are not the ones usually stressed by conventional software reviews.  Our criteria are all about ease of use.  You can see our criteria here: Review Criteria

It is not up to us to make a recommendation based upon what software writers tell us, but what we can objectively assess about the software itself. Our assessment of each software against our review criteria is given in detail below. 

Review of Simple Accounting Finance Software

Top Recommended Software

To find out more about the history of MYOB finance software in the UK:

See the Saga of Mamut, MYOB and Digital Rights Management

Ask an MYOB accountant

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